Learn-A-Licious Preschool App Reviews

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Excellent gameplay!

Kids love it, and the graphics are great. They really enjoy this one!

Nice App

Nice app, beautiful graphics. Very entertaining for young kids.

Very good Kids App

My 6 year old daughter gives it a big thumbs up!

Great app for my kids

I really like this app for my kids, it's nice and simple for them to use with nice audio responses for them as well!

Perfect App For My Kid

My son is now beginning to read and this was perfect to supplement his schoolwork. The art looks great and and the help with phonetics and pronunciation was invaluable.

Great or kids!

Nice graphic and music thats perfect for kids to have fun

Very polish app!

Very nice app. A lot of great content (beautiful images and great sounds) Excellent app to teach the little ones!

kids will enjoy this educational game

Coming from a mother of 4 kids, this is a great app to help children learn and practice new words. As with any type of learning, repetition is key, and this app makes it fun and engaging enough for kids to play it over and over.

Great vocabulary builder

Great app to help kids learn words as well as develop good hand-eye coordination.

Very useful!

This has been a great learning tool for my kids so far. The drawings are cute too!

great way to teach kids their vocabulary!

This app covers a lot of vocabulary words for kids and it's been a great teaching tool for my son because he was able to learn and practice a bunch of new words he didn't know before. They give you a few free categories to test out and you have the option of unlocking all the levels if you want to. There is a also section that covers letter sounds and that's been a great teaching tool as well. Nice graphics and photos, and I highly recommend this app if you have kids yourself.

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